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How to remove Linkedin’s annoying premium paywall

Posted 9 April 2014 / By Andrew Seipp / Uncategorized
Linkedin Paywall


UPDATE: I turned this off and I am no longer seeing popups, but some people are reporting that they still are. Not sure what is going on. I suspect that being the squeaky wheel that I am, linkedin may have disabled it on my account.

Linkedin has introduced an incredibly annoying feature. Every time a non-premium user opens an account they are forced to look wait for a paywall screen that looks like this:
Linked In premium annoyance

It is somewhat reminiscent of shareware nags of days gone by in which you got bombarded with messages asking them to pay for the software. Remember Winzip?

Unfortunately, Linkedin has been silent so far on this and haven’t responded to users complaints. Luckily there is an easy solution: AdBlock Plus.

If you haven’t already downloaded it, you can get it for Chrome or Firefox.

After you’ve installed it click on the installed icon go to options:

Then select “Add your own Filters”
Linkedin-Step 2

Go to the bottom of the page and hit “Easy Create Filter”

A window box will drop down and you can enter text. Enter the following text between the dashes

Hit apply changes.

All done. No more annoying paywall prompts. In the meantime, Linkedin has just forced it’s free users to install software that will block advertisement on its site. Not the brightest move.

  • Laurent J.V. Dubois

    Thanks for the tips,
    Just shared with the Sales Best Practices community and our 175.000 members 🙂

    • Phone Bill Ninjas

      Thanks, I appreciate it.

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  • Bob M

    Your work-around worked like magic.

    But it looks like LinkedIn found a way to neutralize your ad block. Can you suggest another filter rule?

    Thanks for sharing with the community!

    • Phone Bill Ninjas

      I’ll investigate. Looks like they’ve added a dynamic DIV id to the site. I’m probably in a bit of an arms race, but it is all generated by javascript so that might be the next option. Still, Linkedin should really be listening to their users rather than forcing them to upgrade.

  • curijay

    this worked for a day and now doesn’t seem to do the trick anymore. let me know if you have any other ideas.

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