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I’ve created a personal website and domain and so should you. Here’s why.
Posted 15 February 2014 / By Andrew Seipp / Blogging/Personal Branding
Image courtesy of Peter Trimming under Creative Common's License

Image courtesy of Peter Trimming under Creative Common’s License

With the increasing rise of Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Shouldn’t that be enough?

With all of the paranoia about privacy, especially when it comes to social networks, it seems counter-intuitive to create a website these days. This thinking is wrongheaded for a a few reason which I will outline below.

So why did I create this website, and why should you do it? Here’s why:

  1. Control
  2. I can decide what goes where, what theme I want to use, and can control the look and feel of my page down to the finest detail (within the limits of wordpress at least). Facebook or LinkedIn can change settings and are often a tad sneaky at making you divulge more information than you may want to otherwise hand over.

  3. Permanence

  4. Facebook, Linkedin, and other social networks are at risk of being a fad. Maybe not right away, but in the rapidly changing interwebs, not all of them will survive. The dependence of ad revenue to stay afloat is, in my opinion, a flawed model. With many different sites, such as the WSJ and The Globe and Mail, setting up paywalls to stay afloat it makes you wonder how many websites that rely on it will survive over time.

  5. Full format

  6. Life can’t be expressed 140 characters at a time and Facebook isn’t much further ahead. I can write articles that are 1000 words long and it fits the format.

  7. Clout

  8. I run a telecom expense auditing company. It’s going quite well but there is always the chance that it could be bought out or go out of business far various reasons. Tying my name to only one project is professionally prohibitive. Plus I may start other businesses down the line

  9. It makes you stand out

I run a business. I am running this place partially to increase my online presence. But even job seekers and salaried employees can use a personal blog to create a personal brand for themselves that expands beyond their job. The number one rule of business and life is that it is all about who you know. Have a permanent website gives you clout. The first result on the web will be your website. Imagine what message you can send with a professionally designed site with a portfolio of your work, your (non-controversial) opinion on something, or a secret recipe that you want to share.

Overall, the important part of getting everything setup on a personal website is all about personal brand. You are not a number but if you don’t set to differentiate yourself from the crowd it is easy to blend in. So it is really valuable to get things setup and go.

I am going to create a guide in the future of the easiest ways to set it up a personal blog/website and what tools you need to get it going.

Andrew Seipp
Telecom consultant, motorcycle enthusiast, and owner of TelClarity
Andrew Seipp
portfolio personal branding blogging
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