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Why the Triumph Street Triple R is still the best motorcycle in its class.
Posted 29 April 2014 / By Andrew Seipp / Motorcycles
Triumph Street Triple

Photo courtesy of todocircuito on Flickr

The naked category of sport bikes has seen a lot of competition from Yamaha, with their FZ-09, to other bikes like the S1000R. Despite this the Street Triple is still champion, and the best value overall.

I ride a Street Triple and I love it. I cannot state it enough. It is the perfect bike in that it mixes comfort, performance, and a certain degree of class that you just can’t get with a bike from the big 4 motorcycle makers. Don’t get me wrong, the Japanese make fantastic machines, but I feel that from a bang for buck perspective the Street Triple is the best bike in the middleweight naked category.

Here’s why:

    1. 3 cylinders of joy

The engine on the triple is simply amazing. The low end torque combined with the top end rush means that as a rider you can tap into it in any speed whether on a track or putzing around town. It’s the perfect engine configuration for street riding.
The FZ-09 is probably the closest equivalent but I haven’t ridden it yet so I can’t give a fair comparison. From the sound of many reviews Yamaha is giving Triumph a run for their money.

    1. Race suspension in an upright package

The primary reason I got the Triple is that I wanted a supersport motorcycle without the suspersport position. My previous bike was an SV650S and that thing was a back breaker; the riding position just hurt everything. No problems with the Street Triple.
I bought the bike stock and I haven’t spent a dime on aftermarket components to improve performance. The Nissin breaks are the same as the Daytona, as are the forks and shock. Out of the box, the bike has every possible performance part I would want.
The Japanese equivalent, the FZ-09, follows along in the tradition of bikes like the FZ6 and the SV650 in that it is a bike that is built for a price. On paper, the FZ-09 is significantly cheaper at $7990 vs $9999. In reality, if you were to add up the cost of aftermarket upgrades to an FZ-09 to bring it up to par with the Striple you would probably end up paying the same for the bike and still lack features such as ABS. It’s also worth noting that upgrades rarely carry their value over when reselling.

    1. Uniqueness

The Street Triple costs about $11000 in Canada plus dealer fees. It’s not a cheap bike, but it’s not expensive either. Yet, for some reason I often have people snapping pictures of the bike as if it is some sort of exotic bike. I don’t really get it sometimes.

The Street Triple isn’t perfect. I’ve already been nearly stranded by it because of an electrical issue, but there is no bike out there that combines the performance, comfort, and thrill that the Street Triple possesses.

Update: I had a crash in June and although I walked away basically unhurt, the bike it totalled. Ride safe folks!

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Andrew Seipp
Telecom consultant, motorcycle enthusiast, and owner of TelClarity
Andrew Seipp
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